Sustainability Policy

The Business Centre’s Sustainability policy is to conduct its business responsibly, with integrity, and with respect, for the interests of all those affected by our operations. We believe that our activities should generate economic benefits; create opportunities for an enhanced quality of life; respect the environment; and positively influence the communities in which we operate.

The Business Centre will work towards both a sustainable community and sustainable development through its four core values:

  • Equality & Diversity – The Business Centre is committed to operating without exclusion or disadvantage to any group.
  • Environmental Protection – We all depend on the Earth’s natural resources to live. These resources should be protected and enhanced.
  • Economic Development – We all depend on a strongly, broadly based local economy. The Business Centre should play its part and also provide opportunities for the whole community.
  • Responsible Sourcing – We have recognised our responsibility to our suppliers and their employees. We seek to build lasting relationships with them based on trust and a clear understanding of mutual rights.


The Business Centre will work, in partnership with others, towards a more sustainable community, seeking to:-

  • Encourage all employees to contribute to decision-making and consider the social and community aspects of decisions.
  • Provide a safe, clean, pleasant environment, and promote good health and the prevention of illness.
  • Create a working environment for our employees which is based on mutual trust and respect, and in which diversity and inclusion are valued.
  • Maximise everyone’s access to the skills and knowledge needed to play a full part in the company.
  • Use energy, water and other natural resources efficiently and with care; minimise waste and recover or recycle it and finally, sustainable dispose of what is left.
  • Limit light, noise, air, and land and water pollution levels so as not to cause damage to existing natural systems.
  • Value, protect and enhance the diversity of nature, local distinctiveness and cultural identity.
  • Build long term relationships with our suppliers choosing as business partners those with standards and ethical practises compatible with our own.
  • Participate in a vibrant local economy that gives access to satisfying and rewarding work, without damaging the local, national or global environment; value unpaid work and promote a culture that supports and encourages voluntary work.
  • Source products and services locally wherever possible.
  • Achieve these aims both through The Business Centre’s own activities and through their influence over others.
  • Ensure total compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Ensure that all decision are made with knowledge of their social, environmental and economic implications in line with the core values.
  • Integrate its pursuit of social, economic and environmental objectives.
  • Seek to act strategically to prevent problems rather than merely respond to symptoms.
  • Improve its sustainable development performance and aim to set an example of good practice.
  • Encourage and facilitate sustainable and sensitive behaviour by its employees, both at work and outside.
  • Promote the company’s core values and aims.
  • Work in partnership with others to achieve its aims.
  • Monitor and report progress towards sustainable development.

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